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Ulcerative colitis From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ulcerative colitis Classification and external resources Endoscopic image of a bowel section known as the.

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21.Omeprazole healed ulcers and maintained remission. Sulfasalazine revisited: a meta-analysis of 5-aminosalicylic acid in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.

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Sulfasalazine has also been. Olsalazine has also been used to treat ulcerative colitis,. Method of maintaining remission from venous ulcers with sulphasalazine.

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Mesalamine Once Daily Is More Effective Than Twice Daily in Patients With Quiescent Ulcerative Colitis. sulfasalazine,. remission of ulcerative colitis but.

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... ASA Enemas for Induction of Symptomatic Remission in Active Distal UC

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